How To Keep A Drainage System In Good Condition

Prevent And Clear Blocked Drains

When it comes to ensuring that your drains are working effectively, essential drain cleaning measures should be in place. Not only is a clogged drain inconvenient, but it can also pose significant health risks. Unfiltered drains are a health risk because they allow fecal matter, bacteria and other toxins to enter your home.

Clogged drains can also lead to a flooded basement or house, so it's vital to take care of them. Austin Area Plumbing will help you clear clogs from kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and floor drains. Our expert team at Veteran Services has compiled a list of prevention tips and drain cleaning systems most homeowners prefer to use to assist.

Prevention Tips:

Take care with what you put in them.

The most accessible approach to avoid blockages is to empty the toilet bowl regularly and the bathtub and sink. This will prevent any buildup of dirt and debris.

Food, coffee grinds, and grease should not be poured down on kitchen drains.

Fill a sealable container halfway with liquid grease. After it has cooled, discard it or take it to a recycling facility.

Cover your tub and shower drain with a mesh screen or a perforated shower drain hair catcher. Either way, the hair will be collected, and the water will flow through.

A hair catcher for the shower drain can be composed of stainless steel, silicone, or a mix of the two. Another option to prevent hair from clogging the shower drain is to install a built-in screen on the shower or tub stopper.

Take care with what you flush. Toilets are intended to be used for the disposal of human waste and toilet paper. Flushing materials that are dense, stringy, or bulky might clog the drain.

Drain Cleaners

Another method of avoiding clogs is to use the proper sort of drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are classified into two types: plunger-type cleaners and snake-type cleaners. Plunger-type cleaners are more effective at dislodging blockages. Snake-type cleaners are more efficient at breaking up hard-to-remove clogs. However, both types of drain cleaners have their advantages and disadvantages.

With both types of bloggers, you can open up the blockage by turning it upside down. This will force the plunger down deep enough to reach the bottom of the drain. This will dislodge whatever is blocking the drain from being flushed, allowing the water to flow freely through the clogged gutters.

Signs of blocked drainage

It's critical to understand the signs of a clogged drain to take the appropriate procedures to unclog it. Generally, people experience drains that won't flush. At first, it will seem like the drain is simply backing up. If you continue to keep pushing the drain down, eventually, the blockage will become visible.

When your sewage is clogged, or your septic tank requires pumping, the following occurs:

Water backs up into the tub drain when you flush the toilet.

When you drain your bathtub, the water immediately ceases to flow and bubbles back at you or into the bathroom.

When you empty your kitchen sink, the water from the sink overflows into the bathroom.

When you do laundry, soapy water rises to the top of the toilet, shower, or floor drain.

If you see signs of clogging, you should immediately consult with a plumbing professional. They will adequately diagnose the clog and give you the best drain cleaning advice for your specific situation. Commercial Plumbing Austin, TX can use special tools to remove the clog physically. However, most homeowners prefer to use an easy, non-invasive drain cleaning system. These systems include:

Drain Cleaner

One drain cleaning service that's growing in popularity is the trenchless drain cleaner. These drain cleaners snake their way through the pipe, ignoring roots and any other obstacles, to reach the clogged drain. This type of cleaner eliminates the need for a trench to be dug. The root canal process doesn't need to be painful, costly, or inconvenient. Now, even toilets can be clogged without any pain, hassle or expense!

Drain Snake

Another drain cleaning service that's growing in popularity is the submersible drain snake. As the name suggests, this drain snake is inserted into the drain, and its wiggling action helps to dislodge any clogs. Drainage pipes can become clogged from years of accumulated debris, hair, food, oil and grease. Sometimes these can be removed manually, but often a simple drain cleaning service might be more desirable. A submersible drain cleaner is inserted into the pipe, and movements within the pipe cause it to rotate, helping to dislodge any clogs.

Bent Screen

A less expensive drain cleaning service growing in popularity is a special filter called a bent screen. A bent screen filter is made of a material that's similar to bentonite clay. It works to trap any dirt, grease or hair in a plumbing drain and help break up a clogged drain in just a few minutes. If a clogged drain gets to the point where you're not able to open it with a wrench, a bent screen may be all you need.


For primary residential or commercial use, a simple plunger is usually enough to clear most clogged drains. But for more severe clogs, homeowners may consider using a drain cleaner. The most popular drain cleaning system is a power washer. A power washer uses an intense jet of water to break up and loosen the clog. This technique usually clears out all the dirt and grease buildup in a matter of seconds.

Use pointed objects

In some cases, a simple drain cleaning service may be all that's necessary. For example, if your sink is completely clogged, you may have to try using an ice pick to remove the obstruction.

CAUTION: Using anything sharp or pointed when attempting to clear a drain could damage or injure the pipe.

Using an ice pick or other pointed object to loosen a clogged drain can also be dangerous, so if you have to deal with a stubborn obstruction, stick with something safe like a length of pipe. But if you have a clogged drain that won't budge, it's time to call a professional drain cleaning service.

Allow the Professional to Do the work.

But if a clogged drain isn't easy to remove with just a plunger, it's time to call Georgetown Plumbing. A clog causes most blocked drains in the pipe that carries the drainage water to the sewer system. Several drain cleaning services are available to remove tree root clogs and save you from the embarrassment and expense of a complete renovation.

It is critical to have your drains cleaned regularly to avoid a slew of unpleasant and costly problems. Remember: You do not have to clean the drain manually. Indeed, it would probably be best if you did not. Contact a drain cleaning Austin professional in your area. Veteran Services are licensed master plumbers who have been servicing the area for over two decades and have established an excellent reputation for providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. Contact us today at (512) 883-5044 to learn more about what we can do for you.