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The cost of Austin Water Heater Repair can vary depending on the severity and location of the issue. The good news is that most issues are relatively easy to fix, but for more major problems, you'll need an experienced plumber who will be able to take care of it quickly. In this blog post, we've outlined some common causes for your water heater breaking down and how much it might cost.

Just like cars, all appliances eventually break down or become dated. To help you avoid any surprises with your water heating system, we've compiled a list of what you should know before calling in an expert:

  • What parts typically go bad.
  • How much each part costs.

The cost of Water Heater Repair can vary drastically depending on whether you need to replace some parts or if you need an entire water heater replacement.

Water Heater Repair Cost

National Average Cost- $350

Average Range- $149-$499

Minimum Cost- $129

Maximum Cost- $999+

Cost of Water Heater Repair Depending on the Project

Typically, the cost of a water heater repair will include the following:

  • Supplies- Supplies are usually the cheapest parts of the project, with some exceptions depending on what materials are needed for your specific issue.
  • Labor- Labor is usually anywhere from a half-hour to an entire day or more and can vary in price depending on whether it's just replacing some small parts or if you need an entirely new unit.
  • Parts- Depending on which part needs to be replaced, prices will range significantly, but most repairs don't include any replacement parts unless they're factory recommended.
  • Cleanup- Cleanup can vary depending on how messy the repair was, but usually, you can expect a half-hour to an hour of cleanup for most projects.
  • Permits- Depending on your location and what work needs to be done, permits may not be included in labor costs, or they could range from $25-$50 per permit.

Repairing a leaking valve

Cost: $75-$130

Typical problems with the water heater include a leaking valve. Repairing a leaking valve is a relatively simple procedure that can usually be completed within one hour and will cost around $75-$130 to repair or replace if necessary.

Replacing old age on thermocouple’

Cost: $95-$124 (electrical)

Thermocouples are electrical devices installed inside the tank where they sense temperature fluctuations. It's essential to have this replaced annually depending on the make and model, but it should take less than 15 minutes of labor time per replacement job.

Flushing mineral deposits from the water heater tank

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Austin Heating and air specialists can flush the tank of your water heater to remove mineral deposits that might be blocking it. This process typically takes around 20-30 minutes and costs between $35 -$75, depending on how many gallons are in the tank.

Water heater tank replacement

Cost: $495-$695

If you have a more severe issue that requires the whole tank to be replaced, this is probably your best option. Most water heater tanks last about ten years, and replacing them will cost between $500 -$700 depending on their size and location in your home.

Replacing anode rod for corrosion protection

Cost: $35-$75

The anode rod provides cathodic protection against metal corrosion by providing a sacrificial current that slowly dissipates into the ground before being consumed by oxidation reactions with other metals. In many cases, they can be simply replaced rather than having to replace the entire system. The typical time required should only take 30 minutes or less at around $45-65 per job.

Replacing intake valve for sediment and rust

Cost: $65-$200

This is a typical problem experienced by water heaters. The sediment will build up over time, and when it becomes clogged, the flow of water through the system slows down or stops altogether. This limits your hot water supply and can cause other problems in areas like corroding pipes because they are unable to flush out dissolved solids. Valve replacement should take around 45 minutes at a cost between $65-200, depending on whether you need just one replaced or more than one due to multiple valves affected by corrosion buildup.

Fixing gas leak

Cost: Between $50 -$400+ per hour (plus parts)

Water heaters are typically run on natural gas, so if the supply is interrupted or leaking from a pipe to your heater, it will need fixing. The cost of this repair depends on whether you have an experienced plumber already in attendance who can fix the issue themselves - usually around $50-400 per hour plus parts for more complicated repairs; or if they're needed at all.

Water heater tune-up cost

A water heater tune-up service will take about an hour and should include:

  • Checks for leaks and corrosion
  • Removing sediment buildup from the bottom of your tank
  • Testing for gas leaks or any other apparent problems with pipes.
  • Tightening connections as needed (most homes will need this)
  • Cleaning both inlet screens on top of the water heater where cold water enters, and also at the hot water outlet to remove sediment
  • Changing a faulty pressure valve if it's available.
  • Ensure each of the inlet valves from your hot water heater to your home is fully open, and there are no kinks or restrictions.
  • Adjusting vent pipes that may be leaking air will cause a drop in heat output.

The typical estimate for a tune-up averages around $200 for each visit, but it might take up to five visits if the water heater has a more severe issue.


We hope this article has provided you with some insight into what it takes to repair a water heater. The total cost of repairing a water heater depends greatly on the severity of the problem and how quickly you want it fixed. The cost of the necessary materials and labor can vary depending on your location. Still, as long as you have an estimate from a professional plumber or Water Heater Installation Austin, you will be in good shape.